Curated city lists from friends, family and food critics give you the skinny

When your stomach’s growling, you want good food and fast. With Favocity, you can pull up a list of recommended restaurants close to you in seconds, complete with notes. The only difficult part of this process is picking where to go with so many amazing recommended options!



Hassle-free restaurant discovery, wherever you go

If you’re on the move often, it’s easy to forget restaurant locations. Favocity lets you create and pull up unlimited city lists worldwide with customized notes and recommendations. Next time you’re in town, just pull up your personalized city list to find the join you remember… and prepare for a mouthgasm!


Tap and save restaurants to your list and add notes in seconds

Just had a mind-blowing meal in an amazing location? Just open up Favocity, save the restaurant and tap on the star and you’re done as the app saves the details to your list to share. Want to recommend a particular entrée? Just add a note!

  • As a businessman, I’m always on the move and always seeking great new places to eat out. With other apps, the ratings were often hit and miss. Now with Favocity, I can instantly find out what friends and colleagues love and check it out. It’s also great for helping me to keep track of restaurants I want to revisit and sharing great experiences and dining with others. This app is absolutely essential for anyone who loves food and dining out!